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Garland Appoints Weiss as Special Counsel in Hunter Biden Inquiry

Attorney General Merrick B. Garland has announced that the federal prosecutor investigating Hunter Biden, the son of President Biden, has been appointed as a special counsel. This decision comes after negotiations for a plea agreement on tax and gun charges fell through. The appointment of David C. Weiss as special counsel means that he can now pursue charges in any jurisdiction without needing cooperation from local federal prosecutors.

The investigation into Hunter Biden’s business and personal life, including his foreign dealings, drug use, and finances, seemed to be nearing its end when he agreed to plead guilty to two tax misdemeanors. However, the deal hit a snag when Weiss requested blanket immunity from future prosecution, leading to an impasse with Biden’s lawyers. This turn of events prompted Weiss to ask to be appointed as special counsel.

This announcement comes as a surprise, as just last month, Weiss denied asking to be made special counsel and Garland dismissed the idea. However, Garland stated that Weiss had concluded that the investigation had reached a stage where the powers of a special counsel had become necessary. The appointment of Weiss as special counsel is the third such appointment since Garland took office in 2021.

The move has raised the possibility that President Biden himself could be tried in the politically charged case, contradicting the previous belief that the case had been resolved. The appointment of Weiss as special counsel provides Democrats with a counterargument to Republican claims that Garland has selectively used special counsel regulations to target former President Trump while protecting the Bidens.

As special counsel, Weiss will have the authority to file charges in any district and will not be subject to day-to-day supervision by any department official. However, he will be required to inform Garland of major developments and decisions in the case.

Weiss plans to continue serving as the top prosecutor in Delaware but may hire additional staff in Delaware, Washington, Los Angeles, and other jurisdictions central to the investigation.

The plea deal between Weiss and Biden’s lawyers fell apart due to conflicting interpretations of immunity provisions for Hunter Biden. Negotiations to salvage the deal continued until recently but ultimately failed due to disagreements over the level of immunity Biden would receive. House Republicans have criticized the appointment of Weiss as special counsel, believing it to be an attempt to cover up the Biden family’s alleged corruption. They plan to continue their own investigations into Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings.

Overall, this unexpected appointment of a special counsel has reignited the politically charged case involving President Biden’s son and raised the possibility of potential trials for both Hunter and President Biden himself.