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Mitch McConnell May Be Experiencing Small Seizures, Doctors Suggest

A letter signed by the attending physician of Congress and released by Senator Mitch McConnell on Thursday suggested that his recent instances of speechlessness may be linked to “occasional lightheadedness” possibly due to his recovery from a concussion or dehydration. However, seven neurologists who analyzed video footage of McConnell freezing up in public believe that these episodes may point to more serious medical issues. While the exact cause cannot be determined without a proper diagnosis, the letter and comments from McConnell’s office seem insufficient in explaining the sudden speech interruptions. The neurologists believe that the episodes warrant close medical attention and could require treatment to prevent them from recurring. They suggest that the episodes could be consistent with focal seizures, which are electrical surges in one specific region of the brain. It is unclear what follow-up care McConnell is receiving, but neurologists believe that more details about his medical history could help rule out other possibilities. Seizures or mini-strokes would generally not hinder patients from carrying out normal activities, but they do carry a risk of cognitive or behavioral problems, especially in older patients. The video footage of McConnell’s episodes provides valuable insight to neurologists, as they are useful in diagnosing patients. However, further tests and examinations would be necessary to confirm a diagnosis.