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Strictly Come Dancing 2023: Snake hips, meditation and fabulous outfits

Image source: Ray Burniston/BBC

Autumn is approaching, and with it comes the return of Strictly Come Dancing. The popular show will feature 15 celebrities teaming up with professionals to learn new dance moves and dazzle on the dance floor. The excitement starts on Saturday (16 September) with the launch show where viewers will find out the pairings. In the meantime, get the inside scoop on this year’s stars from Adam to Zara as they take a break from rehearsals to spill the beans.

Adam Thomas, known for his role in Emmerdale, is worried that Craig Revel Horwood might make him cry. Though his children have been teaching him some moves, he admits that he’s not the best dancer. Adam’s twin brother and brother were amused when they found out he was on the show, but he is determined to learn and show his progression throughout the series. His main goal is to impress his wife.

Amanda Abbington, an actress from shows like Sherlock and Mr. Selfridge, says participating in Strictly feels like “flying blind.” She realizes that she needs a level of physical fitness that she has never experienced before and describes the experience as brutal yet rewarding. Amanda believes that celebrities can control how much of their personal lives they share with the public and finds it amusing how the show can catapult them into the spotlight.

Angela Rippon, a former host of Come Dancing and presenter of Rip-Off Britain, is excited to prove that dancing leads to a longer life. As the show’s oldest contestant at 79 years old, she proudly wears that badge of honor. Angela believes that dance is a great activity for all ages and hopes to inspire others to take it up. She says, “If you want longevity, dance!”

Angela Scanlon, an Irish TV presenter, is looking forward to dancing the Charleston but admits that there are some dances she’s dreading. Being physically active can be challenging for her as she is not great on a trampoline, but she is ready to face those challenges. Angela did Irish dancing as a child and finds the Rumba daunting due to its slow pace. She is excited to share her love for dance with her daughters and plans to bring home sequins and dance memorabilia for them.

Annabel Croft, a presenter and former tennis player, is participating in Strictly for the joy and the opportunity to learn new dance steps. Though she admits that she can’t dance, she feels privileged to be partnered with amazing professional dancers. Music holds a special place in her heart, and she believes it adds an emotional aspect to the performances. Annabel compares being paired with incredible dancers to being partnered with Roger Federer.

Bobby Brazier, an actor and model known for his role in EastEnders, has been advised to eat well for the show. Despite being considered an early favorite due to his young age, Bobby believes he has no reason to be favored. He is eager to hear what the judges have to say and is open to their feedback. Bobby confesses that he might answer back depending on his state of mind and lack of sleep.

Eddie Kadi, a stand-up comedian and presenter of BBC Radio 1Xtra’s Official UK Afrobeats Chart Show, was ecstatic when he received the invitation to participate in Strictly. He looks up to former host Bruce Forsyth and considers being on the show an incredible opportunity. Eddie’s natural Congolese style of moving his hips fits well with the requirement of expressive dancing. He is ready to embrace any challenges and give it his all.

Ellie Leach, known for her role as Faye Windass in Coronation Street, appreciates having familiar faces, such as Adam Thomas and Les Dennis, on the show. Their presence has made her feel less nervous. After leaving Coronation Street in March, Ellie is fully committed to Strictly and excited to channel all her energy into the show. However, she is nervous about dancing live every week as it is something completely different for her.

Jody Cundy, a Paralympian, feels honored to be part of the show and hopes to inspire others with disabilities in sports. He believes that participating in Strictly can encourage people to push their boundaries and try new things. Comparing it to his career in sports, Jody admits that Strictly is more nerve-racking due to his lack of experience in dancing. Nonetheless, he is determined to give it his all and invites viewers to join him on his journey.

Krishnan Guru-Murthy, a newsreader for Channel 4, has declined the show multiple times. However, he decided to give it a try as a way to experience something different and find enjoyment in life. With a couple of health issues, Krishnan realizes that he should seize every opportunity while he still can. He hopes that by participating, he can show his non-serious side and have a great time.

Layton Williams, a West End star, will be the first male celebrity on Strictly to wear a dress. As long as the outfits are fabulous and authentic to his own style, Layton embraces them. He is excited about the opportunity to showcase all his different sides. Being Congolese, Layton enjoys moving his hips and is ready to embrace any dance style or challenge presented to him.