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Cassidy Hutchinson Reappears. She Has More Trump Stories to Tell.

Cassidy Hutchinson disappeared from public view last year after providing detailed testimony in a televised committee hearing about President Donald J. Trump’s actions during and after the Capitol riot on January 6, 2021. Following harsh attacks on social media from Trump and his supporters, she retreated from Washington and cut off contact with her former White House colleagues. Now, after 15 months, Hutchinson is reentering the public eye with the release of her memoir, “Enough,” which recounts her time as a top aide to Mark Meadows, Trump’s former chief of staff. In a recent interview, she spoke openly about her experiences, signaling a departure from her previously reclusive lifestyle.

Hutchinson acknowledges that she is not a victim in the situation and knew the risks involved in her actions. She has faced backlash from the right-wing since disclosing what she witnessed in the White House. In her memoir and interview, Hutchinson reveals the extent of her journey into a political rabbit hole, where loyalty to Trump was prioritized above all else. The administration was characterized by paranoia, with White House staff setting “leak traps” and engaging in secretive practices to prevent information from being leaked. Hutchinson shares anecdotes of document burning and encounters with controversial figures like Mike Lindell and Rudy Giuliani.

Hutchinson’s close relationship with Meadows and Trump played a significant role in her experiences. Despite now recognizing Trump as a threat to democracy, Hutchinson admits that she once adored him. She landed her position in the White House shortly after graduating college and quickly became a valued member of the team. She dedicated herself fully to her superiors, even excusing Trump’s behavior and blaming herself for his shortcomings. Despite feeling disconnected from Trump during his final rally before the 2020 election, Hutchinson stayed on after his defeat and the Capitol riot. Ultimately, she found herself subpoenaed to testify before the Jan. 6 committee.

Since then, Hutchinson has lived in seclusion, uncertain of what awaited her once she returned to the public eye. She admits nervousness about the world’s reaction to her reemergence. However, her collaborator on the memoir, Mark Salter, believes she will overcome her self-doubt. Despite the challenges she faced, Hutchinson’s strong testimony during the committee hearing demonstrated her resilience and determination.