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Steph Curry, golfer and entrepreneur, plots his second act

Bobby Bonilla, the famous baseball player, is relaxing in a golf cart while his friend Barry Bonds chats with a sports writer. Bonilla, wearing sunglasses and a black t-shirt, leans back with one hand on the steering wheel and smokes a cigar. He knows that no one is here to see him or Bonds, but to enjoy the beautiful setting at Lake Merced Golf Club in Daly City, California. The weather is perfect, with a temperature in the 70s and a few clouds in the sky. Bonilla is particularly excited because his son, Roman Solomon, is participating in a putting showdown against Stephen Curry in the Underrated Golf Tour, a summer tournament meant to provide access and opportunities to talented junior golfers who might not otherwise have them. Bonilla is amazed at the sight of young golfers of color in the tournament and praises Curry for making it all happen. The question arises as to why Curry is doing this when he already has access to the best golf courses in the world and could pursue a professional career in golf once he retires from basketball. The answer is simple: golf is Curry’s next career, and he wants to change the game and make it more inclusive. Despite golf’s exclusivity and the high cost associated with the sport, Curry believes in giving young players, especially those from underprivileged communities, a chance to succeed in golf. He has already made an impact in the basketball world with his elite camp and mentorship programs, and now he wants to do the same for junior golfers. Players like Ashley Shaw, who wears a visor with beads that pay tribute to Venus and Serena Williams, are grateful for Curry’s efforts to provide them with opportunities and create a positive, uplifting atmosphere in the sport. Shaw, who has competed in youth pageants and plays multiple sports, appreciates being able to express her lively personality in a game that is often seen as dull and serious.