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Ratcliffe mulls buying Manchester United minority stake | UK News

Sir Jim Ratcliffe, the billionaire owner of Ineos Sports, is considering purchasing a minority stake in Manchester United Football Club rather than seeking full control. Under the proposed deal, Ineos would acquire shares from the controlling Glazer family as well as publicly traded stock on the New York Stock Exchange. The offer would be made at the same price for both sets of shares, with Ineos seeking a 25% stake in the club. However, the Glazers would likely remain in control of the club. This would likely anger United supporters who have been vocal against the family’s ownership. There are also questions about the club’s future and whether the deal would raise capital for investment in Old Trafford. The details of the offer and the structure of acquiring a minority stake are still unclear. Ineos had previously been focused on purchasing a majority stake in the club but is now proposing a restructured deal to move the ownership process forward.