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Steve Young, girls flag football, and finding the next calling

ATHERTON, Calif. — The freshman player at Menlo School, Laila Young, exhibits natural talent in her first flag football game. Her sister, Summer, a senior, is also a skilled player. Laila plays the X position while Summer plays the Z position. Although Laila runs a good route, she drops the ball resulting in a lost touchdown opportunity and a loss for Menlo.

Laila’s father, who is also an assistant coach for Menlo and a former NFL MVP and Hall of Famer, comforts her by sharing a personal story. He recounts a game in 1991 when he was the starting quarterback for the 49ers. The team needed to win the game, but he made a crucial mistake and they lost. He tells her that the regret she feels is similar to what he felt during that game. He encourages her to learn from the experience and find the potential in her mistake.

Coaching the team is more than just an opportunity for Steve Young. It is a sacred calling. He recalls the challenging journey he faced as a quarterback and the criticism he received throughout his career. Despite the pressure, Young responded with determination and embraced the challenge of becoming a better passer. His perseverance paid off, and he led the 49ers to numerous victories.

Young’s journey serves as a reminder to Laila to embrace failure and use it as an opportunity for growth. He shares how previous teammates like Jerry Rice and how the 49ers organization supported and inspired him during difficult times.

Now retired from football, Young continues to have a positive outlook on life. He maintains a youthful appearance, and his clean living and strong values contribute to his overall well-being. Young’s football career was about more than just winning games; it was about reconciliation, resourcefulness, and personal growth.

Overall, Young’s story serves as inspiration and a reminder to Laila and the team to always find the potential in failure and to continue pushing themselves to be the best they can be.