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Bills legend Jim Kelly used to be mad about all he’d lost. Now he focuses on what he’s found

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BUFFALO, N.Y. – Jim Kelly, who was on the losing end of four Super Bowls and has overcome many physical obstacles, stands in the pool in his backyard, surrounded by about 25 family members and friends from his fellowship group. Next to him is Matt Gold, the pastor of Alden Community Church.

Gold tells him, “To see today happen is such a sweet, sweet day, brother. I love you and I think we can all say we’re proud of you and how far you’ve come. And where you’re going is even better.”

As Gold alludes, Kelly has gone through significant changes. He was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma and underwent extensive surgery, including having his left fibula removed to rebuild his upper jaw. The procedure took 12 hours during which arteries and blood vessels were taken from his arm and moved to his jaw. He was also implanted with a prosthesis with false teeth.

The cancer was stage 4, and he was given less than a 10 percent chance of beating it due to its proximity to his brain. Doctors told him that he would need a miracle – a concept he was familiar with after several significant health challenges throughout his life.

Kelly faced multiple surgeries for cancer, back, neck, knees, and several other health problems. He also had a stroke in his left retina, and struggled with blood pressure, requiring multiple hospital visits and various treatments.

Despite all this, Kelly remains in good spirits. He got baptized by pastor Matt Gold, marking a significant event as it was the first time he had a say in his baptism. To him, it’s a new chapter in his life as he continues to inspire many with his resilience and unbreakable spirit.