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Johnson’s Israel Aid Bill Sets Stage for a Clash Over Security Assistance

Speaker Mike Johnson’s decision to separate the vote on aid for Israel from the request for money from Ukraine by the Biden administration has created a conflict between the House and Senate over funding for U.S. allies in ongoing conflicts. Johnson, a Louisiana Republican who has previously voted against military aid for Ukraine, introduced a $14 billion aid bill for Israel that includes a provision to rescind the same amount of money earmarked for the Internal Revenue Service as part of President Biden’s agenda. Biden had requested a $105 billion aid package for Israel and Ukraine, which also includes funds for Taiwan and border security in the United States. However, Johnson rejected this request, reflecting the Republican’s aversion to funding Ukraine. In addition to funding Israel, Johnson added a provision that would reverse a priority of Biden and Democrats, which experts believe would increase the national debt. This decision has set the House on a collision course with the White House and the Democratic-held Senate, where bipartisan lawmakers have called for legislation that addresses both conflicts simultaneously. The move by Johnson appears to be an attempt to keep his conference, which is divided over funding foreign wars, united during the early days of his speakership. However, it is likely that the bill will face opposition in the Senate and from the White House, with the possibility of a veto.